Hipp Organic Follow-on Formula Combo (Stage-2)

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    Hipp Organic Infant Formula is specially formulated using only organic milk and provides the nutrients babies need for growth. Hipp Organic Infant Formula is a complete feed for use from birth. Made with the finest organic ingredients that are gently steam cooked to maintain all the goodness & flavour to provide your baby with the best possible start to weaning and beyond. Hipp Organic Infant Formula is intended for babies that are not being breastfed and when formula feeding is chosen. At the age of 6 months and when your baby’s hunger is no longer properly satisfied with Hipp Organic Infant Formula, please contact your Health Professional regarding Hipp Organic Follow Up Formula.

    • Weight: 800 Grams
    • Age Group: 6 months to 12 months
    • Baby Food Brand: Hipp Organic
    • Package Quantity: 1
    • Model Name: Stage 2
    • Other Feature 1: Modeled After Natural Breast Milk
    • Other Feature 2: Designed for Healthy Development
    • Other Feature 3: Carefully chosen Organic Ingredients
    • Model Number: 2
    • Country Of Origin: Germany
    • Baby Food Category: Baby Milk Formula
    • Barcode: 06 2300126411