Hipp Organic Little Nibbles Apple (30gm)

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    Little Nibbles is a range of organic finger foods specially created for babies, toddlers and young children. They are prepared using the finest quality organic ingredients and there are lots of delicious varieties for your little one to enjoy. With Little Nibbles from Hipp you have the reassurance of tasty finger foods with organic goodness whilst encouraging your little one to learn to chew and feed themselves. They provide important top up nourishment for tiny tummies, either as part of a meal of as a snack (toddlers should eat 2 3 between meal snacks a day).

    • The Hipp Apple Rice Cakes is a healthy and delicious snack
    • Made from the finest, organic ingredients
    • Perfect option to fill small tummies on the go
    • Without added sugar

    • Weight: 30 Grams
    • Packing: 1X4 (One CTN)